Saturday, July 30, 2016

Mommy, What Is a Soul?

"Mommy, What is a soul?"

You ask and wait over your yogurt and grapes, philosophizing before mama has even had her coffee. 

We have moved beyond why is the sky blue
Moved so far beyond, diving, plummeting, sinking, swimming off together into-

"Mommy, what is a soul?"

Your blue eyes so deep with the thirst of knowledge
that tickle in the back of your mind that must be quenched,
the full understanding that you don't know everything. 
But you want to. 

"Mommy, what is a soul?” 

I think back to my once upon a time after a happily ever after, 
Two souls united and ignited your fire, sent you spinning into orbit until 
one day 
you will create your own world apart from us. 

"Mommy what's a soul?"

A soul, little one, you have one. You are one, it's invisible, but real. 
It animates, it's God-given, it's freedom, it's spirit, it's life.
It's you 

I soak up your grin as you ponder, your eyes crunch up trying to see the unseen. 

Oh, My wild child, not mine to keep. I treasure your soul that's only mine 
to teach to love to grow to foster to pray
until your fire burns so strong 
You don't need me. 

Until you are certain 
your soul is.

Copyright 2016 Hannah J. Conti


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