Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Something Beautiful

Recently, I have been feeling rather confused and helpless, caused by a number of circumstances and physical inaptitudes. As I sat here at my laptop, silently praying and thinking, “Something Beautiful” by Jars of Clay started to play on my iTunes. The lyrics seem so opportune and appropriate. The words are a melancholic surrender to hope, to a new reality.

If you put your arms around me,
Could it change the way I feel?
I guess I let myself believe
That the outside might just bleed its way in
Maybe stir the sleeping past
Lying under glass
Waiting for the kiss
That breaks this awful spell
Pull me out... of this lonely cell

Refrain: Close my eyes and hold my heart
Cover me and make me something
Change this something normal
Into something beautiful

What I get from my reflection
Isn't what I thought I'd see.
so, give me reason to believe
You'd never keep me incomplete
Will you untie this loss of mine?
It easily defines me,
Do you see it on my face?
And that all I can think about is how long
I've been waiting to feel you move me.


And I'm still fighting for the word
To break these chains
And I still pray when I look in your eyes
You'd stare right back down
Into something beautiful

Maybe, if a perfect God can accept my imperfect body, mind, and spirit, I can as well. Maybe…