Thursday, August 21, 2008

Etsy Store Update

Tonight I closed my Etsy store. I am officially going back to college for my sixth semester of undergraduate education. I decided that while I am at school, I am unable to give my business and customers the full attention they truly deserve. My little venture into the world of selling handmade goods was a wonderful experience. It gave me a focus during a time when my life seemed to be spinning around of kilter. In a way, the closing of my shop marks the end of serious illness and recuperation at home. Etsy provided a much needed focus for me during this time. Thus, I am excited with continuing my education and living more independently; however, I will also miss the support of my dear family and the freedom to expand my artistic creativity to new levels. I am very proud of the success of my little shop so I'm going to ask the reader to humor me in letting me boast.

In five months...
- I sold ten items (ten more than I originally thought possible...)
- One of my products was listed in a Treasury!
- I received one commission (which totally made my year!)
- My store racked up hundreds of views.
- I received 18 store "hearts"
- I received more than 12 individual item "hearts"

I hope to come back to Etsy soon. I dream of one day being listed in the Storque as one of the artists who is able to work full-time as an Etsy artisan after quitting their day job (see here for more details). More realistically, I plan to continue to be a part of the Etsy community and maybe take a class at Etsy Labs (!!).