Friday, July 22, 2016

Dear Kiddos, Be the Change.

Dear kiddos,

I write this to you so one day, when you're a little older, we can have an in-depth conversation. I hope we will continue to revisit this conversation throughout our relationship because this is important. 

I want you to know that there are a lot sad things happening right now. Sometimes my heart is so heavy I feel like it's fallen somewhere down by my feet. I want you to know that people are not becoming more evil, but that we are shedding light further and finding more shadows, darkness that always was. Only if we find the darkness, can we shed light on the shadowy places. 

There are people in our world who don't have many of the good things we take for granted, such as safety, peace knowing there is money in the bank, a roof over their heads, food on their table, and family who can help if needed. I know you give thanks for these things every night. I hear you pray for those without and my heart smiles knowing you care, that it's one step towards not assuming you are the norm.

Throughout history, people have tried to decide that some humans are innately better than others whether that is due to ancestry, disability or ability, skin color, religion, physicality, country of origin, age, gender, or sexuality. There are those in power who try to keep those without without. 

This is still happening. It's important to be aware, to listen. We are called to listen to the minority, to those who cry, to those who shout "injustice!" or those who have no voice. I want you to be unafraid to talk to people even those who disagree with you. I want you to have the courage to examine your heart, your conscience, and then trust yourself and trust grace to see you through.

We have always taught you that all lives matter, have infinite worth. Sometimes you need to speak up for a particular, singular group that is not being heard or valued or understood. That is why currently there is a movement called Black Lives Matter. It does not mean that black lives matter more than other skin colors. The movement started because the personhood, the very lives of black people have been undervalued for centuries. And it's long past time for change.

So. Never stop listening to the marginalized. Speak up. Be brave. Don't forget you are privileged, but don't get mired in guilt. Be grateful for the opportunity to stand with the disenfranchised, to lend a hand, to shine the spotlight on the shadows, to speak the truth, and give the microphone to someone with no voice. You have tremendous conviction. I know you will use that in beautiful ways in the future.

Gandhi said, "Be the change you want to see in the world." The change I see is you. And it gives me hope.


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