Saturday, January 27, 2007

Taking the Time to...

Today my friends and I went to visit the Vatican Museums. We spent several hours going up and down twisting, winding staircases and passageways. Much to Amy's dismay, we were unable to find any secret tunnels or the like. We did find the "School of Athens" fresco by Raphael and a room full of Fra Angelico's frescos. Surprisingly, the Vatican also boasts paintings by Salvador Dali and Diego Rivera. Of course a world-renowned museum should have pieces reflecting the modern art movement, but it was still surprising to find these painters among the Baroque and Renaissance artists.

We stopped on the way home from the museum at the fresh market. We have been told that the market is one of the freshest and best in Rome. I love it. Vendors line the streets every morning with fresh produce, dried herbs, cheese, meats, and, of course, many different wines. My poor pronunciation of the word “funghi” (“mushrooms” in Italian”) made the vendor think I was ordering a kilogram of fuji apples. Today we are making a potluck dinner at our apartment. We are making risotto, chicken, and green beans. I’m looking forward to a feast of delicious food, friends, and fun.

It is customary that all stores are closed for a few hours between the hours of 12 and 4 in the afternoon for siesta. Only touristy stores are open on Sundays. These Italians know how to enjoy life. The only buy the best food from the fresh markets. They take time to relax from daily tasks.

I’ve growing accustomed to the European lifestyle. By only taking 12 credits and not participating in any campus activities, I am left with quite a bit of time. I was just looking back at my calendar from this past semester. I usually had between five to 12 meetings a week besides working part-time and taking a full class load. I’m living in the moment of every day and enjoying it heartily.

To see more pictures from my adventures, visit my Picassa web album.

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