Friday, February 10, 2006

The Loon

Floating on the sea
The light reflects
The moon,
Mirroring brilliance,
And dancing on the waves.
The gentle song of the water,
Sings of time forsaken
And dreams of tomorrow.
Hopefully waiting,
The loon sleeps.

Dawn awakes,
And with the sun, the loon stirs.
The water murmurs lauds,
Rippling, rising, rolling.
The sky invites the loon to ascend,
Duc in altum.
Into the deep clouds, she soars.
Delighting in the speed.

On the wings of the wind,
The loon sings a hymn
Of the unutterable stillness of the heart:
The silent song.
Too powerful, too passionate for words,
A love song for a Savior.

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